Crypto Accounting Services

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular as part of investment portfolios. Despite this, the tax treatments are not commonly known, and it is always important to make consultations with Crypto Accountant Bulgaria to understand tax before making such investments. 

With not many accountants offering cryptocurrency accountancy services in Bulgaria, we have had numerous enquiries regarding the cryptocurrency market and tax treatment.

Our team are all based in Bulgaria, and we do not support outsourcing unlike some other accounting firms.

We offer expert knowledge without the jargon providing the cryptocurrency accountant expertise you need.

The world of cryptocurrencies is growing ever more diverse and ViaActive as Crypto Accountant Bulgaria offers the best cryptocurrency accountancy services for your crypto bookkeeping.

Tax Preparation and Cryptocurrency Accounting

ViaActive are the experts in Bulgaria for Bitcoin, other cryptocurrency and blockchain related tax preparation and accounting consulting services and we can assist your business with managing its tax needs.

We help crypto and blockchain business customers with tax returns and provide added protection for you during the accounting and tax preparation process as well as for any audits or reviews.

Depending on your activity (mining, investing, arbitraging, etc.) you may have to pay taxation at income tax rates. It is also possible for the transaction to potentially qualify as being exempt from taxation altogether. VAT may also need to be considered depending if on whether you are deemed to be trading as a business.

Which cryptocurrency activities you are engaging in will depend on what type of structure you may wish to adopt and keeping good records of the cryptocurrency transactions is vitally important and will keep our fees lower. We will let you know what data is required to be kept.

Cryptocurrency tax law is not always clear. Were able to advise on the confusing details around the implications of all your crypto activities. We have staff available for accounting needs, tax estimates, identifying opportunities to save, protecting your assets, and teaching your team when and what they need to record during any cryptocurrency blockchain transaction.

Crypto Accounting Documentation

If you are not sure what records or processes you need to track for your crypto business or your personal investments ViaActive is here to help you understand what documentation is needed, the reporting tools that could help, and how to understand your taxable burden for multiple different situations or jurisdictions.

Our team can help review your operations and determine the best options for you to move forward, preparing for your costs and identifying areas where you can save.

Some Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Crypto Accountant Bulgaria

To ensure the accountant you hire is capable in the cryptocurrency area, ask the questions below:

Why Choose ViaActive as Your Cryptocurrency Accountant In Bulgaria?

Not all accountants know about – or deal with – cryptocurrency. Tax regulations still dont explicitly lay out specific cryptocurrency legislation, and guidelines are constantly evolving. Its vital to find a cryptocurrency accountant in Bulgaria who understands the latest developments and is as invested in the field as you are.

Were proud to be at the forefront of cryptocurrency accounting knowledge.

We offer cryptocurrency businesses and investors all the services they need to stay compliant and successful and include preparing your tax return, a complete reconciliation of your crypto activity from both exchanges and wallets, crypto bookkeeping and tax advisory services.