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Business owners need not spend time researching on business accounting aspects such as tax compliance laws, deduction of employees payroll and many other details. Leave these job to your Accountant Sofia Bulgaria and concentrate building up your business.

We often get asked is which additional services do we offer our clients, apart from the traditional accounting services of keeping your books and finances up to date.

When providing your traditional accounting services, we will see other things at a granular level such as:

  • Where the business is bleeding cash
  • Missing out on revenue
  • Which processes are working, and which are not

We then can provide valuable advice to an owner or to a businesss management team.

These additional services are the core services for any good accounting team.

ViaActive provide the following accounting services:

Company Accountant Services Bulgaria

When you sign up to work with ViaActive – your reliable Accountant Sofia Bulgaria will provide you with a breakdown of your responsibilities to you, and the costs of any extraswhich may be charged on top of the monthly accountancy fee.

Accounting services include:

    • Preparations of tax returns
    • Track expenses and revenues
    • Producing financial records


Bookkeeping is the keeping of business records regarding the financial affairs of a business. You must provide details of all invoices raised, expenses claimed and any other income or expenditure. The booking service include:

    • Handling billing records
    • Taxes
    • Bank reconciliations
    • General ledger
    • Payroll records based on a period of time

Tax Returns and Strategy

We do the tax returns for many businesses, so we know the tax code, inside and out. We know what has changed compared to the previous year and how it affects your business. For example. If there is coming change to the tax code, we know about it first and we can help you to plan accordingly.

Sometimes we get clients who have never had a proper accountant and we see that they are missing out on valuable information, such as tax exemptions or tax breaks for their business, that can be the difference between the success and failure of the business.

Debt Planning and Reduction

Debt planning, reduction and credit card management are key areas where ViaActive can help your business.

We have good knowledge of the financing services in Bulgaria and can help you obtain cost effective financing, and then managing that debt.

For some clients, one of the first things that we do is advise them to adopt a debt restructuring strategy that drastically reduces their monthly payments to service their debt, which then frees up their cash flow.

Payroll Management

One of the biggest challenges for any many businesses today is managing their payroll, especially if the business has just started to take on employees.

It is a good thing to talk to your accountant before making any new hire, firstly to make sure that your business is in line with current employment legislation, and second, to make sure you take all the associated costs for a new hire into account when you are deciding on salaries and benefits.

Management Consulting

ViaActive are reliable Accountant Sofia Bulgaria and someone that you can go to when you need financial advice. Most times when a business owner asks us for advice, we have seen a similar situation before at other business and we can provide him or her with relevant and practical advice based on what we have seen that works.

Business Development and Valuation

Often there is a time for most business owners to think about selling their business, either because they are reaching retirement, or because it is part of their business plan and they are ready to move on to the next project.

Company Formation Services

The accountants can also help in the formation and registration of companies.